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Writer's Block: Just stop, already! [04 Nov 2011|12:14pm]
What’s your biggest pet peeve?
My biggest pet peeve would be people interrupting me while I'm speaking. Nothing seems to really piss me off more than that. Interrupting me while I speak irks me enough to ruin my entire day, I HATE it. My friend Kenzie does it to me ALL THE TIME knowing I hate it and she retorts by telling me her ears don't turn off and I just feel like punching her in the elbow every time she does it. I hate being interrupted. 

Writer's Block: Movember is Men’s Health Awareness Month [01 Nov 2011|04:29pm]
[ mood | full ]

The most important men in my life would have to be the members of Incubus. They've made me smile, cry, move and they've done it through the best medium possible: their music.
I'm so grateful for them and their talent. They've been there for me when I felt ostracized from the world, when I felt sad, mad, happy, what have you; they've been my shoulder to lean on and I couldn't be anymore thankful for them. I love them more than anything and anyone, really. 

Who is the most important man in your life?


[31 Oct 2011|11:51am]
[ mood | tired ]

I've decided to begin writing once again. Funny, if you go back to my old entries from 2009, they all say the same thing. Hopefully this time, unlike my diet, I will stick to it and try to write as much as I can. I like to write most of the time. Written thought it intriguing, especially if it's written just as it's thought. Being let into anyone's mind as they think it a gift I think. They're allowing you to enter their world and that is something that should never be taken for granted.
It's October 31st. A couple of decades ago the darkest wizard in the world took the lives of Lily and James Potter. It's also the day that people back in the days of yore would dress up in frightening costumes in hopes of scaring the bodiless souls that still haunted the earth. Isn't it crazy how Halloween began trying to scare the scarers and nowadays, it's all about who looks the hottest in a leotard? Welcome to America, I guess.
I don't dress up for Halloween anymore. I think the last time I dressed up I wore scrubs and a witch hat and claimed myself a witchdoctor. Clever, huh? ;) No one understood my outfit but I found it to be quite witty indeed.
Anyway. It's 11:38AM and I'm waiting outside of my Theories of Personality classroom. I haven't been here in a week and a half and I'm hoping the professor doesn't notice my random appearance in the class. Although she always looks in my general direction, I feel like it's me she's glaring at when she speaks of the theories deceased psychologists came up with since they had no internet and couldn't stare at pictures of cats all day like this generation does.
We are the worst generation I think. In my opinion. Those before us came up with concepts, with innovating technology, wonderful music and actual drive and motivation to do something great and change the world for the better! And then, there are us, who sit on our asses all day and blog and blog and blog pictures of cats and drawn cartoons showing emotions because we're too afraid to write out what we feel so we let a .jpg file do the talking for us. Oh, I'm sorry, I meant .jpg OR .gif. Silly me.
I think we're this pathetic because that's exactly what they wanted us to be. They wanted us to be so preoccupied with technology that while we think we're living our own lives, Big Brother is actually out there controlling every single aspect of it without us even knowing it. They're telling us what to like, what to use, how to live, who to love and constantly showing us that what we should look like in order to be happy. They give us selected music and television shows that will rot our brains in order to take easier control over it, and the worst part is we let them. We LET them take our individuality because we need to be cool and do what they say in order to be accepted in society.
It might just be the most disgusting or greatest thing to be achieved by mankind since Hitler's Nazi Germany. He convinced people just like Big Brother convinces us, but I think Big Brother does it even better because they're a lot more subtle than Hitler was. They're not out there making speeches and forming cults. There inputting it subliminally in all the things we love and the best part is, we don't even fucking know it.

How crazy is that?


Leave me here in my... [30 Nov 2009|04:39pm]
...stark, raving, sick, sad, little world!

I really love this band.

My hands are trembling, [18 Oct 2009|01:09am]
and my eyes are on fire.

ADVENTURE! [07 Oct 2009|08:58pm]
I wrote the worst piece of persuasion today in my ENC1101 class. It was absolutely terrible, not because I'm a horrid writer, but because of my lack of preparation. I fooled myself into believing that I could come up with a good argument with three points 27 minutes before walking into class. Boy, was I wrong or what? I have never written anything as bad as I did today. I'm embarrassed to retrieve it when Prof. Carrington returns them to us on Friday. I knew it was a bad piece since the graphite hit the paper. As soon as I inscribed my name on the top right corner, I knew that paper was going to be a bad one. I tried my best, proofread it a few times before handing it in at the end of the class. I shrugged it off and the rest of my day at school was pretty good. My psychology class was canceled, so I was able to go home early. As I sat at the bus stop, tired, hot and eager to get home, I conversed with Viviana through the power of modern technology and Sharp's new Sidekick LX, which I am a proud owner of. We spoke of rubbish, nothing very interesting. 

After that, I went home, showered, watched Snow White, ate, went to Dadeland, came home and now I'm upset with Fed Ex for not delivering my Incubus DVDs and making me wait until tomorrow, hopefully, to receive them.

An attempt. [06 Oct 2009|05:44pm]
[ mood | content ]

Every class, my professor for ENC1101 stresses, "writing is a reflection of life." I've never been a bad writer, at least I personally don't think I have, but I've never taken time to start a journal reflecting my own thoughts. I never write about what I think, what I feel or what I may have discovered about myself or anyone around me. I always leaned toward writing about what has happened to those around me, instead of what has happened to me, even though nothing ever happens to me. I've never had the pleasure of writing out elaborate stories drenched in adolescent pain, heartache, and deceit because thankfully my life has been deprived of it. Most teens my age have gone through that shit, but I've never gone through anything significant, and I'm thankful that my life has been rather simple up to this point. I'm not saying I haven't had my share of drama in the past, because what teen girl doesn't? But it hasn't been significant enough to turn my entire life around. Thankfully I've never been put in the situation of having a relationship with anyone. I'm almost nineteen years old and I'm glad to say I've never had a boyfriend. At times I feel as if I need one, not to kiss and hug and be all lovey dovey, but to talk to someone that will understand and absorb my thoughts in their entirety, without the worry of him thinking I'm a complete weirdo. Regarding my decision of re-creating an online journal: I decided that perhaps I should give it a shot. Hopefully it will improve my writing skills and I'll be able to pass ENC1101 with an A. :)


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